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Who We Are

Plantwork Consulting is a specialist wastewater treatment consultancy offering unique and extensive experience in the wastewater industry. We help Water and Sewerage Companies (WaSCs) and commercial developers achieve the most appropriate, cost-effective and sustainable wastewater treatment solutions.


What We Do

We offer advice and support to WaSCs who are seeking to improve or expand existing treatment works, ensuring that today’s tougher discharge limits can be met. We also support WaSCs and commercial developers to secure planning permission and other regulatory consents for new works, or other development applications with a wastewater treatment requirement.


What’s Special?

Our exceptional consultancy expertise derives from extensive experience in the fields of environmental management, wastewater treatment, process design and implementation. We offer a unique combination of detailed knowledge of the regulatory environment and leading-edge wastewater treatment technologies, covering domestic, commercial, industrial and construction market sectors.

In these increasingly challenging times, when both the market and the regulators demand tougher environmental limits and price control, Plantwork Consulting is in an unrivalled position to advise and support you.

Consultancy Services

New Wastewater Developments

We offer our extensive and specialist knowledge of the wastewater industry to support Consulting Engineers or Planning Consultants with the planning and development of new wastewater treatment works, big or small.
Our services include:
  • Expert advice and support on wastewater planning for new developments, including feasibility of achieving imposed discharge consent levels
  • Support through the planning process to obtain planning permission for new plants
  • Helping to obtain Environment Agency approval for meeting discharge consents
  • Supporting developers in public consultations and planning meetings
  • Assisting in the design of new plants and integration of new technologies
  • Independent technical liaison with the regulators (Environment Agency and Natural England)

Existing Wastewater Works

With our unrivalled experience and technical expertise, we support WaSCs to successfully improve and develop existing works.

Our services include:
  • Conducting surveys and audits of existing plants to assess performance
  • Providing comprehensive reports on the condition and serviceability of existing works, with recommendations for improvement
  • Helping to implement improvements to meet¬† discharge consents
  • Supporting WaSCs with the integration of new technologies

Get in Touch

If you would like any further information about how we can help you, or an informal chat about your wastewater development needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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